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Davos: Capitalism is Broken, Let’s Try Socialism…No One Has Thought of That Before

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Economic and political elites meeting this week at the Swiss resort of Davos will be asked to urgently find ways to reform a capitalist system that has been described as “outdated and crumbling.”

“We have a general morality gap, we are over-leveraged, we have neglected to invest in the future, we have undermined social coherence, and we are in danger of completely losing the confidence of future generations,” said Klaus Schwab, host and founder of the annual World Economic Forum.

“Solving problems in the context of outdated and crumbling models will only dig us deeper into the hole.

“We are in an era of profound change that urgently requires new ways of thinking instead of more business-as-usual,” the 73-year-old said, adding that “capitalism in its current form, has no place in the world around us.”

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  1. God is a capitalist but He is not a crony capitalist. He is not a respecter of persons. He makes the rain and sun to fall and shine on all equally; it is then up to them to do with those benefits as they see fit. Follow the rules and receive blessings; break the rules and receive cursings. We are now in the cursings phase of our American history. America was once a Christian nation that was tolerant of all religions; now we are a secular nation, corrupt and lawless. When His government is set up on earth, soon, it will be run by people who follow the honorable rules of capitalism.

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