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As the Congressional Select Super Committee begins its work, it is important that the American public understands the backdrop and calculation of the Debt Wall definition to bring accountability to their process. Deficit cuts and government program restructuring must be implemented pursuant to an overall calculation that will result in the U.S. economy becoming sustainable.

We have the hope and expectation that our government leaders will do the right thing, and regardless of the price, lead us to prosperity. When they don’t, we have to be prepared to help each other work through our problems. By joining this Debt Wall Task Force, you begin to take the necessary steps to help and aid in our restructuring.

Join the Debt Wall Task Force. Sign up and become part of the grassroots movement to lead us out of this crisis. As a member, you will receive information on how to prepare, how to organize and how to lead. Please join today, the Debt will rise as long as we let it.

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Prepare yourself. Get your own affairs in order. There is ample financial advice in the market place. You have to decide what you need to do. The point is to make a decision. Know how you will cash flow yourself or your business for the next two years. Think about others that you can advise or help do the same thing. Be generous in your support.

Educate yourself. Understand the concepts of why the government cannot borrow forever at cheap rates. Educate yourself about simple economic principles of why we cannot spend or print our way out of trouble. As part of this task force, we will help you articulate simple principles of what the country and world’s current situation is, and what actions must be taken to provide financial stability.

Educate others. Determine ten people that you can personally contact and explain the Debt Wall concepts. Make this group your sphere of influence and communicate to them as the debate unfolds and develops. As a task force member, we will give you updates on a regular basis about current events, economically and politically, worldwide, that will have impact on the ultimate results and outcome.

Communicate with others. Send your personal talking points to your Facebook, Twitter and other social network contacts. Give your friends the benefit of knowing the situation and what they too should do to prepare and help.

Organize. As states and communities find it more and more difficult to provide government services that are mandated but unfunded by the federal government, become part of the team that discusses and determines solutions for alternatives. Task force members will share ideas with each other on how to provide leadership.

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