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Forget Bain Capital, What About Mitt’s Tax Plans?

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While so much attention has been turned to Newt Gingrich’s catastrophically mistaken attack on Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital, free-market capitalism, investment, and profits, a potentially much more significant development occurred in the New Hampshire debate Saturday night. For the first time, Mitt Romney embraced a much bolder tax-reform plan.


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  1. Gingrich’s actions are so beyond the pale, if we weren’t seeing it, nobody would believe it could happen. It is as if he has been possessed by a demon and cannot control himself. Cronyism is on its way out and Gingrich is going out kicking and screaming like a spoiled brat. Nothing can stop Pluto (180 degree change in the status quo) in Capricorn(world governments and big business)2008-2024.

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