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IMF: 2012 Will See Another Recession

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The world economy is slowing sharply, and the euro region is headed for recession this year, the International Monetary Fund predicted Tuesday in a bleak update of global conditions.

Overall, the world economy is expected to expand 3.25 percent in 2012 — down from the 4 percent projected by the IMF in the fall.

That figure includes 8.2 percent growth in China, still the world’s most quickly expanding economy, and 7 percent in India. U.S. growth is forecast at 1.8 percent, the same as the fund projected in the fall.

In those cases and for the rest of the world, the IMF said growth was being crimped by the world’s major economic risk — the ongoing financial crisis in the euro zone.

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  1. The economic outlook is indeed sobering when George Soros says our economic situation is as serious and difficult as he has seen in his career, and that he is unsure what to do. Soros told Newsweek he expects riots in the streets of America this year so violent they will lead to a brutal clampdown on Civil Liberties. This could mean Marshall Law which would prevent the election. I guess Obama will hold on to power one way or another. Soros’ best case scenario is a deflationary environment and his worse is collapse of the financial system. Against this backdrop, Gingrich and the liberal media are arguing for “fairness” and amnesty for millions of dependent illegal aliens sapping our social structure dry. Despite the multiple warnings, our political leaders refuse to see the dire straits our nation is in.

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