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Say Hello the Super Alternative Minimum Tax

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Remember the moment in 2008 when Charlie Gibson of ABC News asked Senator Barack Obama why he would support raising the capital gains tax even though “revenues from the tax increased” when the rate fell? Mr. Obama’s famous reply: “I would look at raising the capital gains tax for purposes of fairness.” Well, we were warned.

Here we are four years later, and President Obama on Tuesday night linked the term “fair” to U.S. tax and economic policy seven times. The U.S. economy is still hobbling out of recession, real family incomes are falling and 14 million Americans are unemployed, but Mr. Obama declared that his top priority is not to reform the tax code to promote growth and job creation. His overriding goal is redistributing income.

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  1. John Q Publick says:

    What does a community organizer know about the economy or taxes. The only they know how to do is lie to you and convince you that it’s the truth, and that’s exactly what this illegal inhabiter of the Whitehouse is doing every time he opens his mouth. He doesn’t care about anything but getting HIS agenda through and that is to destroy this nation’s economy and therefore the country itself, and make it into another 3rd world country so as to redistribute the wealth and make it fair. I think his ultimate goal is to make the whole world use one monetary system, and that everyone on Earth will have to use that monetary system or they will be unable to buy or sell. Of course that monetary system will have to be something other than something physical so that no one will be able to create a black market. Maybe a microchip under the skin would be advantageous, lets say in the right hand or forehead which is always exposed nowadays since you don’t see people wearing gloves anymore except in extremely cold weather. And to unify all the peoples of the world, he would unify all religions into One Universal religion with a pope-like leader of that religion. Make that religion so innocuous and vague you could probably do anything you desire without offending that religion, but place it under the absolute control of a world government.

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