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Why the Debt Wall Matters – Full Version

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42.8% of every dollar the United States of America spends is either borrowed or printed. It can’t be sustained at that level. That means that there’s a point in the future when we hit a wall. There’s not enough money to borrow or to pay for these deficits.

If we print the money to keep interest rates down or because there’s not enough money to borrow, we debase the currency and that results in hyper-inflation. How does that impact you as an individual? Your borrowing rates go up. The government’s rates are 4%, yours will be at 6 and then 7 and then 9, then 10. Your small business will be damaged. Your home rates will go up. 30 year mortgages will go up to 12 to 15%. If you’re a small business owner, you will not be able to borrow money for inventory or anything else you need. You will not be able to survive as a small business.

Now as an employee, there will be higher unemployment. You may or may not have a job. Let’s just say you have a job. Your ability to borrow money for a house or a car will be harder. Your ability to pay back a loan will be difficult. Your purchasing power will be reduced; your standard of living will be declined.

This wall will come and it will come sooner than we think. It will come in the night without warning and we’ll wake up and say how did that happen? How did the government get to a point where they can’t fund services any longer without a cost too high to pay?

We still have time. We can still course-correct if we act and do this together rationally, reasonably, and with each other in mind. We’re the only hope the world has for freedom, free enterprise, and free markets. Without it, the world turns to a socialistic system with managed economies around the world, which results in a lower standard of living and less freedoms. Don’t let that happened. Not on our watch. Not now, not ever.

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